Alumni Feedback

I was thrilled with this program – so much is immediately applicable to my team. I think it’s a better workshop than [many of] our internal offerings at Kaiser Permanente and I am going to recommend to other colleagues! 

Thank you!
Katie Wilson, RD, MHSA | Manager - Telemedicine and Mobility Solutions - Technology Integration | MAPMG




Emerging Leaders Workshop

Being promoted to a higher level of responsibility means you must move beyond technical expertise and rely on and utilize management and leadership skills. In GW’s Emerging Leaders Workshop, you will learn how you can support your growth and your team’s development. You will have a chance to observe and reflect on your personal leadership experience, values and your contribution as a leader and supervisor. You will also be introduced to the 4-stages of the contribution model and get clarity on where you are putting your energy and efforts as a leader and member of your team. In addition, you will have the opportunity to identify some developmental goals and strategies to enhance your competencies as a leader through coaching skills.
The Class is Composed of Two Modules: 
MODULE 1: Foundational Leadership Skills
  • Assessing and understanding your personal leadership impact
  • Stages of leadership contribution: Shifting to a mindset of contributing through others
MODULE 2: Leading Through Others
  • Mastering supervisory and leadership skills
  • Managing conflict, team dynamics and performance
This course is best suited if you are a new manager or plan to move into management within the next year. It is also aligned with the Office of Personnel Management’s ten competencies, included in the Supervisory Qualification Guide, which reflect those considered as most important for successful performance of federal supervisory work. 
Learning Objectives
  • Practice key management, supervisory and conflict management skills
  • Gain clarity on where you are as a leader and how you are a contribution in your organization right now
  • Identify key leadership competencies and individual development activities that chart growth within the organization and beyond
  • Learning an integrated framework on how to manage and lead organizations through teamdevelopment
Target Audience: New and mid-level managers and team leaders in public, private & non-profit sectors

DATES: September 22–23, 2020
PRICE: $1,950/person
($1,755 for GW CEPL alumni)
Classroom Format:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Venue: GW Alexandria Education Center, located at 413 John Carlyle Street, Suite 250, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Britt Nwadiashi
Program Manager
Phone: 703-402-6649