Lean Six Sigma Certification

Green Belt Certification

A recent survey published in Quality Progress (December 2019) showed that Green Belts make on average $10,000 more than those without a Green Belt certification.  Why are organizations willing to pay more for Green Belts?  Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are critical to the success of an organization’s continuous improvement efforts because they possess the ability to:

  • Lead complex projects that require advanced analytics
  • Design/redesign processes to be nimble and flexible
  • Achieve significant improvement in performance metrics that are critical to success.

Earn a Green Belt Certification online by registering for our open enrollment Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program. This highly interactive course offers remote learning where “remote” doesn’t mean “alone”. Our instructors have extensive experience delivering virtual training and support and have used this to create a program with:

  • 34 hour of remote live interactive classroom experiences where you learn through exercises, case studies, and group discussions.
  • 40 hours of a self-paced on-line component through Moresteam.com, a leading online international Lean Six Sigma content provider with numerous supporting resources such as simulations, toolsets, videos, interactive practice exercises, and quizzes.
  • An additional selection of relevant and engaging supporting content such as TED talks, case studies, articles, podcasts, and books
  • 4 hours of one on one coaching with Master Black Belt instructors who possess 20+ years of industry expertise to assist you in applying the course content to a project you select in your organization.
  • A certification process with a traditional test for mastery of theory and a rigorous review of a project completion for practical application expertise.

One of the distinguishing features of this program is the practical learning that comes with completing a process improvement project within their sponsoring organization.  Participants will not only know the theory but will have the proof that they have mastered the skills necessary to lead successful Green Belt projects that provide real impact in their organizations.

Upon completion, participants can expect the following benefits

  • Lean Six Sigma Certification (Green Belt) from an accredited academic institution
  • Close-knit network of peers from organizations
  • Handbook of tools and exercises
  • Project to add to portfolio of work
  • 7.4 CEU’s

DATES: 8/31/20 – 12/18/20

PRICE: $3000 (online learning and software license required - $670 not included)

Weekly two-hour virtual sessions every Wednesday plus virtual Kick-off workshops 9/1/20 and 9/2/20 from 9am-noon

Not ready for Green Belt?  Check out Yellow Belt Certification
As a follow on to Green Belt, a Black Belt bridge course will be offered in 2021.  This is a great way to take your process improvement skills to the next level.  If you already have a Green Belt certification, and you are interested in becoming a Black Belt, please contact us.
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