Coaching Services

Our leadership coaching model uses a holistic model of development and change – one that encompasses and accounts for the context in which we live while simultaneously acknowledging our individual journey in life. 

Whether we are coaching a leader at the peak of her career, an early career person looking to define his own path, or a successful mid-career leader who is burned out and bored with the current scenario at hand, it’s essential that our coaches understand the developmental terrain in all contexts. Together, we co-create your leadership map that brings forth your inner strengths and allows for the imagination to explore possibilities that generate powerful action aligned with your values.

Here are the coaching service options that we offer:

Accelerating Action on Your Development Plan

This program helps clients increase their self-awareness, curiosity, and mindfulness around leadership. This program then builds the clients' ability to self-correct and observe their behaviors in action in a way that is both personally grounding, and socially engaging. The journey starts with a partnership meeting and a feedback session on a client's 360° Assessment, then focuses on designing their individual development plan, and putting that plan into action for immediate and visible results.

Offering: 12 sessions of 60 min/each - meeting 2x/month over 6 months
Dates: Registrations accepted on an ongoing basis. Sessions are scheduled one-on-one with the instructor/coach
Cost: $6,500 (all-inclusive)

Embodying New Habits and Behaviors

This program includes all of the elements of the "Self-Generation" experience, and then takes clients to a new level of clarity on their thoughts, feelings and actions, -- resulting in greater purpose and satisfaction, faster action, and enhanced capacity. Clients at this level are able to look at the big picture, label and distinguish their feelings, understand their challenges, and effectively sustain their new habits and behaviors for ongoing results.  

The client journey starts with a partnership meeting and feedback session on their 360° Assessment and development plan, which is then implemented and sustained with key exercises and performance improvement projects. This experience is designed for leaders who want to have an intensive coaching experience, and make a big impact within their teams and organizations in a very specific timeframe.

Offering: 24 sessions of 60 min/each- meeting 2-4x/month over 6 months or 9months
Dates: Registrations accepted on an ongoing basis. Sessions are scheduled one-on-one with the instructor/coach
Cost: $9,500 (all-inclusive)

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Ina Gjikondi
Director, Executive Education & Coaching
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 202-994-5313