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Coaching Services

Coaching Services

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The Center grounds its leadership coaching work in “pracademic” (practice and academic-based) models embodying a pedagogy of wholeness that integrates multiple ways of knowing, informed by science and wisdom.

Our vast array of ICF-certified leadership coaches are trained and certified to address your unique situation so you can be sure to get a coach with the perfect fit for your challenges and needs. 




Individual Leadership Coaching

The individual leadership coaching is a beginning and an invitation to step into a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. The space is held so that the leader can become observant and come in contact with their core strengths, coming inward to explore their deeper truths and sense of purpose. Through the process, leaders explore their areas of growth and start to develop a capacity of resilience and practice around their own sense of efficacy.

The path starts with a partnership meeting and a feedback session where the leader and the coach explore and craft an initial plan for how the engagement will be structure to best serve the leader. The next step will often include a 360° Assessment, and a follow up debrief which provides a snapshot in time of where the leader is at. Next, the leader and the coach work in designing an individual leadership development plan, which grounds the engagement as a whole. The subsequent meetings focus on different aspects of the developmental goals and follow the agenda that the is co-created in partnership.



12 sessions of 60 min/each - meeting 2x/month over 6 months

Dates: Registrations accepted on an ongoing basis. Sessions are scheduled one-on-one with the coach

Cost: $9,925 (all-inclusive)




Peer Coaching Circles

Peer Coaching is an invitation to harvest the wisdom of the group and the collective to generate new, creative and innovative solutions that start with a question or a challenge. In our approach we use multiple resources and models to create a meaningful learning experience for all members of the group.

In a typical peer coaching engagement, through a 6-8 session practice, a coach facilitator guides a team or a group of peers through a process in which leaders take turns in presenting a challenge that is meaningful to them and they seek to explore in collaboration with others. The flow integrates moments of inquiry through open ended questions, as well as spaces for deep listening and stillness by inviting in a pause. The spaciousness allows for new ways to look at the challenge and it helps the leader to develop new approaches and responses. In this experience leaders also learn to practice coaching skills becoming more creative and less reactive, which offers new nuances for how to lead and work with others.



8 sessions of 90 min/each - meeting 2x/month over 4 months for up to 8 members of your organization

Dates: Registrations accepted on an ongoing basis. Sessions are scheduled with the coach facilitator

Cost: $15,000 (all-inclusive)




Team Coaching

Team Coaching is an invitation to develop a new path for your team’s growth and development by helping the team to work together more effectively and perform at higher levels. The coach facilitator’s role is to support the team to strengthen and enhance trust, empower the team leader to step into the role of the coach, encourage in the moment reflection and hold space for authentic strategic thinking and accountability.

The team coaching process is designed depending on the need of the teams and it often moves through a phase of assessment and measurement of the team’s current state, the process of deep ongoing work, and a closing by accounting for sustainability and ongoing success. This service is customizable depending on the need.

 Custom Solutions



e-Co Leadership Coaching for Your Organization

e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification (e-CLC) is an ICF aligned professional foundational coaching program, attending to the whole-person & whole-systems framework, supporting individuals to deepen and expand their contribution in the world, towards a vision for One Humanity. 


What Coaching Can Do for Your Organization: 

  1. Accelerates development and enhances co-creation 
  2. Increases accountability and employee engagement 
  3. Improves individual performance 
  4. Supports talent development 
  5. Creates a culture of wellbeing and commitment to excellence 

Contact Us About Custom Programs

We would love to work with your organization to offer an internal coach training program customized to meet your needs.

We have extensive experience rolling out coaching programs and building meaningful partnerships to help organizations accelerate transformation and take the learning to the next level. 


Ina Gjikondi
Director, Executive Education & Coaching

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