Our Coaches

Our vast array of leadership coaches are trained and certified to address your unique situation so you can be sure to get a coach with the perfect fit for your challenges and needs. GWU-CEPL uses a disciplined methodology that requires all coaches to follow a process from beginning to end at both the high and detailed level that examines what must occur at each stage of the coaching engagement in order to maximize the potential for sustainable change.

Our coaches bring forth a holistic and vertical developmental approach when working with the client. They develop a thorough understanding of the many dimensions of the whole person – their values, roles, passions, sense of purpose, key learnings and unlearnings, and their unique place on life’s journey. The developmental journey from early adulthood into late adulthood provides an important developmental perspective in the work of coaching. Work means something quite different to a twenty- five year old and a sixty-three year old. The role of achievement and mastery is much more prominent at some times of our lives than others.

A good coach understands a developmental perspective and incorporates this understanding into the work of coaching. We pre-screen coaches, ensuring you get the best coaches for your needs. Overall our coaches will help you get more done, but also increase your ability to self-reflect, self-observe and have a healthier way of being.

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