Executive Communications
Executive Communications

Executive Communications

Step Up to the Mic
Bold Speaking for Greater Impact


More and more researchers - psychologists, linguists, leadership experts - are saying, “HOW you speak matters as much as WHAT you say!”

  • Do you leave meetings wishing you had made a better impression?
  • Do you see “Needs Executive Presence?” on your review?
  • Do you speak up at meetings, but no one listens?
  • Do you offer ideas, but someone else gets the credit?
  • Do your hands shake or does your voice quiver during a presentation?

These communication ills may be holding you back. This BOLD Speaking Program guarantees quick cures. You’ll learn four basic bedrocks of BOLD Speaking that will help you become more impactful anytime, anywhere, with any audience.

  • Believable                       
  • On – Target
  • Likable
  • Daring 

HOW you speak determines how your people will follow! Discover simple BOLD Speak Tweaks - micro- acts to maximize your message:  

  • Your voice type and how it helps delivery
  • Voice variation to hold audience attention
  • Gestures to augment your message
  • Eye contact to connect quickly
  • “Stall Language” that keeps you from getting to the point
  • Death by PODIUM and what to do about it
  • Fixes for Umms and Errs
  • Zoom help – how to maintain your 3D personality
  • 25 Power Point Points

“HOW you interact with others IS your personal brand.” Risa Ganel, Relationship Therapist and Author.


Special Note for Women:
Do you know the four big communication mistakes many women make? We can fix them on the spot. “She who speaks best, goes to the top of the leader board.” Jan Fox

Proven Outcomes:

  • Advance your career
  • Serve important stakeholders
  • Inspire those around you
  • Collaborate for greater success



Jan Fox

4x TV Emmy Winner, and leader of this program, Jan Fox, says: “Your story is the HEART of your personal brand.” You will discover your most important stories and learn to tell them well. Stories move your audience! Stories matter!





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Fall 2024: TBD

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Small group of up to 25

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2.0 CEUs

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Sairan Aqrawi

Leadership Coach, STEM Professional

"I am very impressed by Jan's amazing talent and drive to expand the outcomes of GW's Executive Communications offering for learners like myself. I would take her class even if GW decides to have it on the moon! Millions of thanks [...] for introducing me to Jan Fox!"


Marina Myhre

Social Science Analyst, Office for Policy Development & Research, HUD

"Just concluded a presentation that went REALLY well, and wanted to let you know I completely credit the Executive Communications training that Jan Fox did for this success. My senior leader said “WOW” for the first time that I can remember. Another supervisor said my presentation looked “snazzy,” - not a normal government compliment!"


David L. Porter

CPA, Associate V.P., Controller & Assistant Treasurer, Brookings Institution

"Jan did a wonderful job training about 15 employees on public speaking.  We wanted her to help a group of “introverted finance professionals” be better prepared to perform training sessions (mostly on PeopleSoft topics) to other Brookings employees.  Jan’s message was clear and her method to get these people out of their comfort zones was spot on."



Kateryna Pyatybratova
Marketing and Business Development Director

   [email protected]