Women Leaders on the Rise

Seven Practices of Effective Women Leaders

Over the past five years, the number of women in senior leadership has grown from 17 to 21 percent. Although movement is in the right direction, parity remains well out of reach. 

According to management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the biggest obstacle women face on the path to senior leadership is at the first step up to manager, which they call the “broken rung”*.

McKinsey’s 2019 Women in the Workplace report says: “For every 100 men promoted and hired to manager, only 72 women are promoted and hired. This broken rung results in more women getting stuck at the entry level, and fewer women becoming managers. Not surprisingly, men end up holding 62 percent of manager-level positions, while women hold just 38 percent.”

While organizations must do their part to change this, women can begin to repair this broken rung and boost their careers by gaining clarity on their own unconscious behaviors which may put them at a disadvantage for promotion.  At GW CEPL’s Women Leaders on the Rise program, women learn the 7 practices that successful leaders put into action early in their careers to move up faster. 

The Rising Women Leaders Program teaches participants how to retain the behaviors that will serve them as new leaders, and eliminate the habits that don't. They learn to replace them with new behaviors which will enable them to be more effective in their current positions, as well as give them the skills to move into management and leadership. The program gives participants the opportunity to practice the new skills within the confines of the program.

The Seven Practices addressed in the program are: 

  • Creating a Vision for Your Career
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Presence
  • Building Influential Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transforming Discomfort into Courage

The program is led by Leslie Grossman, Senior Fellow and Executive Coach at GWU Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, and founder of the Women’s Leadership Exchange. She is the author of "LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections".

We offer the option to continue the learnings of the 2-day program with a monthly ‘virtual’ Mastermind Group accessed online for 6 months following completion of the Women Leaders on the Rise program.

Members share insights, ideas and get support for newly learned best practices and address challenges in the workplace and in their career. Facilitated by executive coach Leslie Grossman, members can set goals, request accountability partners and continue to move forward expanding their leadership abilities and goals.

Target Audience:

  • Employees or supervisors who aspire to positions of greater influence and authority in their organizations
  • Those identified as high-potential talent by their organizations
  • Junior-level managers who lead small teams or have direct reports
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, and family business professionals preparing for a leadership role
  • Young leaders at non-profits

*Women in the Workplace 2019 Report

Professional Development Units:
Upon successful completion of each 2-day course, participants receive 1.5 CEUs and 16 CPEs (Field of Study: Business Management and Organization). In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 50 minutes equals 1 CPE.

NOTE: The program does not offer academic credits from GW. 

Dates: July 21-22, 2021

Venue: Online

Women Leaders on the Rise Program ($2,220)
Follow-up Mastermind Group ($997)
Women Leaders on the Rise Program + Mastermind Group Bundle ($2,950)

For more information and to apply contact:

Kateryna Pyatybratova
Marketing and Business Development Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 202-994-5309 (Direct)
             202-817-9176 (Cell)


Leslie Grossman
Faculty Director, Executive Women's Leadership Program
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 646-235-9307

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