Leadership Coaching

Generate Breakthrough Results in Your Personal & Professional Life

Our Leadership Coaching Program is a popular, widespread transformational learning process targeted at nurturing and sustaining change in participants to accelerate their performance, effectiveness and capacity as leaders and human beings. Our highly individualized program transforms leaders and organizations by building new “muscles” required to support deep and lasting change desired.  We teach participants how to harness change or challenges, as development opportunities.  Change or challenges then become a crucible for development, not an impediment.  We develop high levels of self-awareness required to observe, feel and act, and identify areas of resistance and personal ways of supporting change.  What is important to you now?  By identifying “how you are "versus“ how you want to be” and the gaps in between, we help participants reinvent themselves, while preserving their unique “humanness,” so positive change lasts and even grows.  We use this approach because we feel that when we are able to act as our best selves, we are less likely to default to old habits.  We do not coach problems to be fixed.  We coach people who simply want to get better.  Participants will embrace rather than resist challenges as they start observing what is happening to them and self-managing the outcomes in their varied situations.

Coaching provide participants with an:

  • Increased ability to observe and correct your own behavior
  • Increased ability to take action on your own and continually improve
  • Increased ability to live a life aligned with purpose

Our Leadership Coaching Program will bring necessary, lasting results for participants who are:

  • Experiencing changes due to preparation for a new job, promotion, stretch assignment, increased job or organizational complexity or other changing expectations
  • Experiencing life changes like marriage, becoming parents and/or other transitions
  • High performers who want to enhance their potential and grow into a larger, more strategic roles
  • Looking to move up in an organization and develop a game plan for advancement
  • Need to identify ways to overcome barriers to success or are looking for new solutions to stubborn management or leadership challenges.
  • Feeling that a change in their behavior or their team’s behavior will result in improved performance.
  • Not achieving their full potential due to certain habits or behaviors

Some ways that coaching can help participants include:

  • Identifying what’s next for you, even if you love what you do.
  • Overcoming concerns and fears you may have that hold you back even when you get an exciting new job.
  • Managing stress caused by a highly political environment, culture shifts, dissonant team members, workload, expectations.
  • Feeling empowered and calm in the light of major changes both professionally and personally.
  • Living a purposeful life.  Helping you to stop and focus so you can feel fulfilled and joyful instead of incessantly busy and drained for no good reason.
  • Finding time and doing things for yourself that enrich your life instead of constantly working.
  • Creating a vision for your life and career along with a step-by-step path to follow.
  • Helping you connect with and motivate your team so you are integrated and help them grow without being involved in the daily minutia.
  • Learning how to manage up and across in the organization in a way that increases your effectiveness and impact 
  • Prioritizing ideas so you know with certainty where to invest your energy and contribution and find your optimal community
  • Improving your assertiveness to help you advocate for both others AND yourself.
  • Improving your interpersonal skills or smoothing rough edges for succession
  • Managing competition and change using new skills because strategies and tactics that worked in past are obsolete.
  • Fulfilling management expectations of immediate positive results by quickly adapting the tactics and behaviors that drive effectiveness.
  • Providing real feedback to leaders to help them see shortcomings clearly, more objectively and motivate them to examine and change what worked in the past.
  • Becoming aware of how you currently perform by getting an accurate view of your behavior and impact to correct problems in a timely manner. 
  • Offering leaders a confidential and trustworthy sounding board outside of their organization for objective problem/idea sharing