Leadership Coaching

The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership is a pioneer and catalyst in supporting public service organizations to grow and develop leaders who make a positive difference in their organizations, communities, and the lives of the people they serve. With extensive experience in leadership development, the Center identifies coaching as the most significant accelerator that allows for the leaders and their organizations to flourish and thrive.

The Center grounds its coaching work in “pracademic” (practice and academic-based) models embodying a pedagogy of wholeness that integrates multiple ways of knowing, informed by science and wisdom.

The Center believes in coaching as:

  1. A transformational way of making a significant difference in the work of the leader and the organization and/or community he/she/they serve/s.
  2. An invitation for leaders to develop an anchored capacity for staying present, practical, and poetic, in service to the mission of the organization and the desired business outcomes.
  3. A vehicle for awakening the collective organizational wisdom in service to a thriving culture
  4. A promise and a practice in service to a flourishing One Humanity

The Center enacts this vision and commitment through:

  • Coaching Services to include 1-1 Leadership Coaching, Peer Coaching and Team Coaching
  • Coach Education to include the e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification, Mentor Coaching & Coach Supervision
  • Coaching Solutions to include One Humanity Lab