OPM Checklist

Senior Executive Service
Candidate Development Program


This table reflects the required components of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for the SES Candidate Development Program Curriculum. In the right-hand column are the GW offerings that correspond to OPM’s requirements. The GW Center for Excellence in Public Leadership can work with the agency to describe how the offerings meet OPM’s requirements.


Requirement Description GW CEPL Course
1 Description of the process to be used to assess each candidate's individual executive development needs (i.e. 360, assessment center report). Advanced Leadership Workshop
2 A description of how each candidate will produce the required SES development plan addressing developmental needs; the plan covers the entire period of the program. The development plan should include the required components of an SES CDP: Work with Executive Coach
  Documentation that candidates receive a minimum of 80 hours of formal, interagency training addressing the executive core qualifications.  Describe how the agency intends to address the “wide mix” requirement of the interagency training. Open enrollment Senior Leader Program
  Explanation of the kinds of developmental activities (e.g., projects, details) candidates will be expected to complete in general, and specifically the 4 month (120 days) executive level assignment(s) outside the candidate’s position of record  (it is required that at least one assignment is a minimum of 90 consecutive days).  Minimum time interval for the executive level assignment(s) must be stated. The Detail requirement is handled by the Agency.

GW provides Peer Coaching Circles to support participants’ development during the details. (p.3)
  Explanation of the agency's mentoring program and states each candidate must have a mentor who is a current SES member. Also, describes how candidates will be matched with a mentor, how often they should meet, and any instructions both the mentor and mentee are provided. Agency works with internal SESes to identify SES mentors and pair with participants.

GW provides mentor/mentee coaching to establish the relationship
3 Description of any standard courses, seminars, activities, etc. that all candidates will be required to participate in. See the components listed above