e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification
e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification

e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification

e-Co Leadership Coaching is a
Vision for One Humanity


e-Co Leadership Coaching is a vision for leadership and coaching in the world, providing the next generation of leaders, practitioners and organizations with a whole person and whole systems framework to deepen and expand consciousness in the world towards a flourishing One Humanity.

The e-Co framework is about expanding and contracting, an iterative, emergent process of discovery that supports the development of the inner and outer coherence in complex adaptive systems.

In this ICF Level 2 Accredited Coach Education Program, participants work to develop an integrated worldview of coaching in systems while practicing with real-world clients, in organizations that are deeply committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, and who care to make a positive difference in the world.

Capacities & Theory of Change

In this program, we attend to: 

  1. The integration of multiple ways of knowing, centered in wisdom-based learning.
  2. The development of the inner and outer capacity for whole-systems flourishing.
  3. The nourishing of capacities of ecoliteracy, spaciousness, perception, imagination, inspiration, intuition, and creativity.
  4. The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development- a global shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.
Distinct Features

Our program pedagogy is grounded in four philosophical worldviews: classical pragmatism (experience), eco-phenomenology (consciousness), new materialism (relational entanglement) and native science (wholeness). We integrate these worldviews by weaving in different pracademic knowledge and knowing to develop the whole coach.

Some distinct features of the program include a focus in: 

  • Whole-person & Whole systems
  • Integrating ways of knowing
  • Flourishing
  • Eco-Wisdom
  • Embodied Transformation
  • Intuition & dreaming 
  • Systems-based learning application Developing coaching cultures
  • Social impact and doing good in the world
  • Pracademic faculty
  • Developing a client portfolio toward ICF Credential
Program Modules

SEED & ROOTS: Foundations & Capacity Development

    Module 1: e-Co Leadership Coaching Foundations
    Module 2: Developing Coaching Capacity

LEAVES & STEM: Coaching Practice & Applications

    Module 3: Coaching Practice, Skills & Capstone

FLOWER & PUFFBALL: Coaching Practice & Integration

    Module 4: Deepening Coaching Capacity & Skills  

Program Outcomes

In this program participants will:

  1. Understand, articulate and practice coaching as a way of being and as a profession
  2. Work on deepening and expanding your capacity as a leader-coach through the e-Co Leadership Capacities of ecoliteracy, spaciousness, perception, imagination, inspiration, intuition and creativity
  3. Practice the flow of coaching conversations, to include relationship dynamics, contracting, assessment, goal setting, powerful inquiry, conversations & actions design, evaluation and sustainable strategies
  4. Coach leaders, teams and groups within organizations and larger systems
  5. Get certified as a professional leadership coach with a portfolio of clients

e-Co Leadership Coaching is a globally-minded program that supports individuals from all over the world to become certified coaches, who want to do good in the world. 

Application Process

Acceptance into the program requires commitment and discipline beginning with the application process. High-quality participants add significant value to the learning experience; thus, we ask for your thoughtful response to the essay questions below by describing your interest, intention, and impact derived from becoming an e-Co Leadership Coach and enhancing the e-Co global community. 

This rigorous application process is intended to identify the coaching candidates who will make the greatest impact through their personal deep work to enhance their service to fellow learners, and more importantly, resonate positive ripple effects on our local and global communities. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

2025 Schedule
Application Deadline: October 30, 2024


To be considered, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

Minimum of 5 years' professional experience as a leader Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 


Program Attendance Disclaimer:
We urge you to carefully review the program schedule and select a format that will allow you to spend blocks of time away from the office. Program participation is required to be 90% or higher for you to qualify for the final certification exam.

  • Be willing and open to receiving feedback and embrace coaching as a way of being
  • Be intentional and open to contributing to the greater good
  • Have an interest in being part of a global learning community
  • The program is delivered in English therefore applicants are expected to read, write, and comprehend English at the graduate level to fully participate in the program. (TOEFL is not required for International Students)


Program Dates:  January 8, 2025 – July 17, 2025

Application Deadlines:
October 30, 2024

Program Dates:  January 8, 2025 – July 17, 2025

Program Introduction & Orientation:
January 8 - 9, 2025 (10 AM-3 PM EST)

Semester 1: January 21 - April 10, 2025
Semester 2: April 29 - July 17, 2025 

Program Delivery: Four Virtual Learning Modules over Seven Months through Zoom & Blackboard

Semester I
SEED & ROOTS: Foundations & Capacity Development

Module 1:  January 21 - April 8, 2025
(Tuesdays, over 12 weeks from 1-3 PM EST)

Module 2: January 23 - April 10, 2025
(Thursdays, over 12 weeks from 9-11 AM EST)

2 week break between semesters

Semester II
LEAVES & STEM: Coaching Practice

Module 3:  April 29 - July 15, 2025
(Tuesday, over 12 weeks from 1-3 PM EST)

FLOWER & PUFFBALL: Coaching Applications

Module 4: May 1 - July 17, 2025
(Thursdays, over 12 weeks from 9-11 AM EST)

Tuition & Financial Information

Government,  Nonprofits, Independent Consultants: $12,850

Corporate & Others: $13,950

Federal Agency Training Fu​nds*
According to the Federal Employees Almanac 2014, federal agencies may:

  • Pay training and education expenses from appropriated funds or other available funds for training needed to support program functions
  • Reimburse employees for all or part of the costs of training or education
  • Share training and education costs with employees
  • Pay travel expenses for employees assigned to training
  • Adjust an employee's normal work schedule for educational purposes not related to official duties

GW accepts Standard Form-182 (SF-182) for training authorizations from the federal government.

*Federal employees should ask the appropriate budget officer about training budgets available.

Interest-Free Payment Plan
The professional certificate programs offer an interest-free payment plan for certificate programs that are more than one month in duration and for which the total tuition is greater than or equal to $3,600. The payment plan is structured in the following manner:

  • Payment #1: A down payment of 30% of the total tuition balance must be paid online (within 72 hours after you accept the program offer to register and select Payment Plan).
  • Payments #2, #3, and #4: Your remaining balance will be due in three (3) equal monthly installments beginning 30 calendar days after your down payment is processed. Your monthly payments must be paid via credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: Automatic Payment Service is not available. You must make each subsequent payment via the credit card portal.

Please contact Samantha Luna, [email protected], to confirm your interest-free payment plan.

Cancellations, R​efunds & Substitutions
If you cancel fewer than 31 calendar days before the first day of a program, no refund of tuition will be made and any unpaid tuition will be due.

Substitutions, however, are permitted without penalty, subject to Program Director’s approval. All courses are subject to cancellation. When a program is canceled, GW assumes no responsibility for nonrefundable tickets or lodging expenses.

Tuition Discounts*
5% off for:
GW Alumni, Students, Faculty & Staff
Groups of 5 or more

*Only one tuition discount may be applied at the time of registration. Tuition discounts cannot be combined. Tuition discounts are not applied retroactively.

ICF Accreditation

The e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification has received the designation as an International Coaching Federation Level 2 Accredited Coach Education Program (ICF Level 2). This accreditation is an all-inclusive and fully approved program that includes 140+ hours of learning, offering both rigor and flexibility for the professionals who join the program.

Upon program completion, the certified coaches benefit from this important credential as an acknowledgment of fulfillment of all the Level 2 requirements, allowing them to continue their professional journey toward the individual designations of ACC, PCC, or MCC. The ICF Credential is recognized anywhere in the world, helping expand the coach's portfolio of client possibilities in a global market.

ICF Accredited Coaching Education graphic of text around a gradient colored circle with Level 2 overlaid


ICF Accredited Coaching Education graphic of text around a gradient colored circle with Level 2 overlaid







Mentor Coaches




5% OFF

GW Alumni,
Students, Faculty & Staff
Groups of 5+


Headshot of a woman with a flowered shirt and blonde shoulder length hair smiling broadly

Lynne Cuppernull

Senior Principal, Organizational Transformation and Strategic Planning, MITRE

“...Combining a blend of immediately practical tools, reflective exercises, and hands-on practice – alongside an amazingly diverse and creative group of people in the learning cohort – this program helped me learn how to coach with intention, purpose, and empathy...”

Headshot of man with gray suit and light blue shirt smiling broadly, a building with tall shrubs is behind him in the distance

Lawrence J Parnell

Program Director and Associate Professor, Master’s in Strategic Public Relations, GWU

"The GW e-co Leadership Coaching program facilitated my journey from consultant/adviser to executive coach and I am anxious to offer this service to my current and future clients in the government, private and public sectors. 
My advice to those considering the CEPL coaching program is simple: It's never too late to learn something new!...”

Headshot of a woman with long dark hair and a dark shirt and a very broad smile

Gia Mariam Hasan

trauma-informed facilitator + coach | regenerative + embodied leadership 

“When I first discovered the e-Co Leadership training, I was amazed that something so profound and adaptive existed for leadership spaces. Having completed the certification, I still feel the same way! I am so grateful to have been part of this powerful container of learning; it has shifted much within me, and I am a more confident, embodied coach. Trust the process, and watch what emerges.


Headshot of a woman with the American flag in the background and wearing a light gray jacket, dark shirt. She has shoulder length hair and a broad smile.

Jennifer Telfare

General Manager
Services Business Group, FBOP 

“The e-CLC Program at GW is amazing! The dedicated staff, their experience, and genuine concern for each student is to be commended.
I entered the program not knowing exactly what to expect and a little nervous; as the program progressed, I became more confident in the skills being taught and was excited to be part of the cohort

Headshot of a woman with shoulder length brown hair and a gray jacket smiling

Mia Celluci

Leadership & Executive Coach

“Completing my e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification at GW was a transformative experience for me, and hands-down the best investment I've made in my personal and professional development to date. I cannot imagine program faculty I would trust more completely to guide this learning experience than Ina and Bonnie...

Headshot of a woman with shoulder length blonde hair smiling broadly

Carie Shiels

Financial Analyst, e-Co Leadership Coach, Booz Allen Hamilton

"...I learned so much about myself and established a strong baseline in my growing Coaching Career. I made lasting connections with my wonderful peers, the professional instructor coaches, and the large network of experienced mentor coaches. I have already leaned on the knowledge and the connections made in this program to kickstart my career as a Professional Coach!"








Ina Gjikondi
Director, Executive Education & Coaching

   [email protected]