Cheryl Robertson

Wisdom Circle Facilitator

Cheryl Robertson serves as a Supervisory Human Resources Specialist – HR Development for DC Government in the Department of Human Resources (DCHR) Center for Learning and Development. In my role with DCHR for the past 11 years, I have supported the High School Internship Program, the Centralized College Internship Program, the Capital City Fellows Program, the Certified Public Manager® Program, and the L.E.A.P. Academy. As part of the DCHR’s mission to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce, these programs support this initiative by recruiting talent for the City and professional development of mid to senior level supervisors and managers.

Many District Agencies have benefited from the recruitment from these various programs. A major component of these programs has involved mentoring and coaching for its participants. The participants range from high school to senior level supervisors and managers. Our participants have developed personally and professionally as the result of having the Coaching component in these programs.

As coaching became more demanding for the development of our participants, I made a decision to become a Certified Professional Coach. In October 2015, I attended the New Ventures West Professional Coach Program and graduated as a Certified Integral Coach® in September 2016. This learning and transformative experience enhanced my ability to become a more effective Coach for our participants. This certification has afforded me the opportunity to cross District Agencies to offer coaching opportunities to other District employees. In 2018, I served as a Certified Coach for the District Department of Transportation Women’s Leadership Coaching Program.

Additionally I have served as a member and officer for the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium (NCPMC). In October 2017-October 2018, I served as the Chair. The NCPMC is the accrediting body for the District’s Certified Public Manager® Program. My leadership, coaching, and commitment, along with my collaboration have been significant to my agency’s success as well as the District.

In 2019 I launched my coaching business “InnerGrow Integrated Coaching”. I believe as human beings we change and are transformed through Introspection and Gratitude.