Bonnie Buckner

Bonnie Buckner, Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)


Hello! I teach people how to dream and utilize their innate, spontaneous imagination for creativity and inner transformation.  My academic and professional work since 2008 has centered on the study and use of images, dreaming, the spontaneous imagination, and the ancient study of morphology as cognitive and somatic tools for change.  My private coaching practice uses these tools for individual development, to stimulate creativity, surmount blocks, and manifest projects.  My consulting practice works with artists and performing arts foundations in the creation of social-change-based art, and with leaders and organizations to find creative solutions to social and global challenges and to understand the role and possibilities of their business/organization in larger, connected capacities.

I have a PhD in psychology, with an emphasis in media, from Fielding Graduate University. My dreaming, imagery, and morphology work derives from a 13th century Kabbalistic practice which I have studied over 15 years.  My book describing this work is Dream Your Self into Being

Images are also the means by which we envision and build communities, societies, and culture. I have co-founded and led numerous community development projects, including planting over 300 trees and creating pocket parks and green spaces with the City of Los Angeles; co-founded and ran a political-media research firm that worked with Presidential, national committee, and other high-level campaigns; and worked in various capacities in the entertainment industry, including heading a film/tv production company, and producing documentary-based programming. 


  • Ph.D., Psychology, Media Psychology, Fielding Graduate University
  • B.S., Radio/TV/Field, Communications, University of Texas at Austin


  • My dreaming, imagery, and morphology work derives from a 13th century Kabbalistic practice, which I have studied over 15 years
  • My book describing the dreaming work is Dream Your Self into Being

My website is  I look forward to meeting you!