Luann Barndt, MS, ACC

Luann Barndt, MS, ACC

Master Somatic Leadership Coach & Trainer

Luann leverages her vast experience working in diverse assignments, across geographies, and in challenging professional and personal situations to help clients transform success into significance.  As Founder of Axiom Quest LLC, she provides training and coaching to support leaders transform embodied wisdom into skilled action.  Luann aspires to help clients identify what they really care about and then co-creates practices that transform new awareness beyond breakthrough insights into actions.  Tapping into embodied wisdom through the felt sense, she aspires to partner with others to discover ways of learning from the emerging future.

Luann’s coaching philosophy focuses on client transformation through embodied inquiry and body-oriented practices.  Working through the soma (the body as perceived from within by first-person perception), she helps clients uncover new distinctions and meaning through the felt sense.  Cultivating embodied awareness, clients are able to move unconscious embodied wisdom into conscious embodied understanding that expands opportunities of choosing goal-aligned actions rather than reacting from auto-pilot in ways that may be contrary to our values.

A lifelong learner, Luann is currently working on her dissertation exploring the experience of learning through the body as a doctoral student in The George Washington University Executive Leadership Program in Human and Organizational Learning.  Recognizing the importance of neuroscience in coaching and learning, her passion is furthering our understanding of the relationship between embodied practices and awareness, cognitive functioning, emotional regulation, interactive resonance, and energy patterns.  Integrating body and mind through practice is essential to effectively accessing and applying the suitable energy at the appropriate time.  Understanding and engaging embodied awareness increases our potential to access actionable learning so critical to thriving in our increasingly challenging world.  Luann practices and teaches Qigong.

As a retired US Coast Guard Captain (O6) with Command experience, Luann is a proud veteran, married to a veteran, mother of a US Army soldier and a US Navy sailor.  She is also an active volunteer diver at the National Aquarium.


In addition to her Bachelor of Science in Management from the US Coast Guard Academy, Luann earned three graduate degrees and is working on her doctorate degree:

  • Doctorate in Education (ABD; in progress), The George Washington University
  • Master of National Security Strategy, National War College
  • Master of Military Art and Science, US Army Command and General Staff College
  • Master of Science in Information Management, The George Washington University


A graduate of Georgetown University Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching as well as certified as a Master Somatic Coach (Strozzi Institute), Luann is credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Luann’s additional training, certifications, and discovery tools can be explored at