KPI Certification

KPI and performance measurement development is a discipline that involves articulating what an organization is trying to accomplish and then identifying the most meaningful and useful indicators of success. This 5-day program is designed to help participants understand the fundamentals of performance management, then successfully develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KPIs for strategic, operational, or program management. Performance measures, or KPIs, are a key part of any strategic management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of strategy implementation. KPIs also help with analysis of the gap between actual and targeted performance, and with measurement of organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency. Strategic, operational, project, employee, and risk measures provide an early-warning system throughout an organization to help improve performance. Meaningful KPIs provide insight into whether strategies are working, whether programs, projects and services are on schedule, on budget, and delivered effectively.
This program is designed for all sectors—business and industry, government, and non-profit—and provides participants with practical tools to developing meaningful performance measures, and then develop their skills through a series of practical application exercises. Participants are taught how to use many tools like the Logic Model and the Cause and Effect Model used by organizations around the world. Participants are taught how to understand and articulate desired results, determine what to measure, set targets and thresholds, develop composite indicators using lower level performance measures, measure outcomes, outputs, processes, and inputs, and produce visually appealing reports and dashboards that better inform decision making throughout an organization. Participants will learn how to develop buy-in to performance measurement, align measures to strategy, and use measures to drive improvement to reach targets. 
Topics covered by the course include:
  • Performance management as a key strategic and competitive differentiator
  • Theory and application of corporate performance management through various frameworks for goal setting and KPI development 
  • Buy-in and a culture of continuous performance improvement
  • Performance-informed budgeting and accountability 
  • Best practice KPIs, performance targets, and management dashboards development
  • Performance improvement of departments, teams, programs, projects, risks, and individuals 
  • Communication of performance information throughout the organization to better inform decision making 
For more about the program, please visit the Balanced Scorecard Institute website. 
Tuition Price: $4,500 (5 days or 10 online sessions)
Terry Sterling
Director of Training
Phone: 727-233-4404