Our Leadership Coaching Approach

Our Leadership Coaching Program uses a holistic model of development and change – one that encompasses and accounts for the context in which we live while simultaneously acknowledging our individual journey in life.  Whether we are coaching a leader at the peak of her career, an early career person looking to define his own path, or a successful mid-career leader who is burned out and bored with the current scenario at hand, it’s essential that our coaches understand the developmental terrain in all contexts.  Together, we co-create your leadership map that brings forth your inner strengths and allows for the imagination to explore possibilities that generate powerful action aligned with your values. Here is an example of how our program works:


We create a partnership with our clients in an introductory meeting where we set the context of our relationship, begin to build trust and outline specifics of the engagement.


We then gather input from our participants in an intensive intake meeting or debriefing where we listen intently and ask critical questions that begin to build self awareness and challenge the client’s thinking while learning their strengths, challenges and goals.  We dive deeply.  We learn how they are, how they want to be and the gaps in between the two.  This meeting is generally followed by a 360° Leadership Assessment from key stakeholders such as peers, supervisor and direct reports.  A complete report that compiles all feedback and coach observations is then presented to begin deep self-awareness and generate an development plan.

Development Plan

We then create a draft development plan for supporting change and measuring results and outcomes. Input/reaction from the participant as well a manager and/or organizational sponsor as appropriate is gathered and incorporated before finalizing this plan.


Our expert coaches then facilitate regular coaching meetings to ensure the plan is being followed; the participant is learning key self-correction and self-generation behaviors and completing activities in between meetings.   Our coaches drop deeply into our client’s lives to help them enhance their capacities.  They help identify sources of support for clients to help them reach higher and stay committed.  Updates are provided to manager/sponsor as agreed upon in this phase of our program.


Finally we measure success by our participants’ transformation by determining if they had a positive reaction to the process, if they understood it then embodied it and finally exhibited the behavior change by using it to achieve their goals. 

We develop leaders who think and envision life in a whole new way. 

We work with people on what they care about most.  We delve into the innermost part of what makes them extraordinary and enhance the qualities that not only make them unique, but also strengthen their inner power and potential.

The road you take with all its unexpected twists and turns is not as important the journey.  Your reaction to problems, challenges, and interactions are unique to each human being. Everyone has a different life and a different vantage point.  We work with you to engage your ongoing needs in every phase of your individual development plan to give you new ways of thinking.

Coaching Is Different From Training

People typically take two routes when they want to develop new capacity, shift directions or accomplish something important to them.  The first is to sign up for a cohort/group training class and learn enough to bring about lasting change.  But old habits creep back because new insights alone do not necessarily lead to integrated change.  Second, is to get really motivated and develop and great action plan and put it to work.  This approach produces short-term results, as people get tired and less motivated.  In addition they become harsh judges of themselves and get stuck again. 

Coaching is different in that participants do more than just gather knowledge on how to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.  They embody the personal coaching learnings and make it their own personal wisdom that stays with them to make a lasting change.  This is what makes coaching a transformational versus informational learning process.  Leaders who are coached live the learning so it is part of them for lasting impact.  

If you want to go beyond simply delivering output to the bottom line, harness the power of our coaching program to gain profound new perspectives, powerfully influence performance and embody capacity to lead, inspire and positively impact the lives of those around you.