Executive Communications: Step up to the Mic

Bold Speaking for Greater Impact

One thing is certain: You and your organization will face more change in the future. You may be walking through it right now. How you SPEAK about change determines how your teams will follow. The Power of TWEAKS - MICRO Acts for MAXimum Impact – can help you lead your team from change conception through buy-in. 

We’re not talking hammer, “Do as I say,” BOLD. We mean BOLD, as in using your fullest potential to:

  • connect more deeply
  • persuade more effectively
  • present more powerfully
  • communicate your vision more clearly

This 2-day program conducted by 4-time Emmy winner Jan Fox, will help you identify and learn the four basic characteristics of a BOLD speaker. You’ll find out why BOLD speaking is critical. You’ll need it, if you want to go to the top of the leader board – whereever you are in your career. 

This action-packed, uber-interactive, prop-filled program guarantees that you will walk out a more compelling influencer, a more powerful leader, and a more comfortable speaker.  You will be FULLY PREPARED TO SPEAK YOUR WAY to your desired outcomes.

Target Audience
This program works well for leaders at all levels across all sectors who:

  • aspire to positions of greater influence and who want to practice BOLD speaking
  • make sure their vision is compelling and practice bringing it to life
  • want to boost their speaking presence in large convenings or small meetings
  • desire to sharpen public speaking skills and take them to the next level
  • aim to gain new skills in effective communication for everyday business

Program Outline

Module 1: Why BOLD Speaking Matters

  • Audience Response and Sphere of Influence
  • 4 Basic Bedrocks of with many short exercises (Note: You will often see and feel quick results in this first module)
  • Introduction to Storytelling
  • Engagement Continuum
  • Introduction to Speak Tweaks – Micro Acts for Macro Impact
  • Explanation of TEDx research on what makes a great presentation – either formal or informal reporting in meetings
  • Development of homework practice plan

Module 2: Skillset Work

  • Presence. Posture, Voice Variation, Hand Gestures, Pace, Eye Contact, Working the Room
  • Stories and storytelling practice
  • Adding Passion,Perspective, and Purpose
  • Use of Humor
  • Plan and prep for next speaking opportunity for audience of one or many


Module 3: Specific Skillset Practice

  • Development of talk or presentation as needed, including power point slides
  • The Art of Clicking
  • Interviewing skills on TV
  • Q&A is Not the Enemy
  • Communicate to facilitate change

Module 4: Final Presentation

  • Story, pitch, or report – whatever was suggested to prepare for in the first module
  • Feedback, fixes, and further practice plan to do on your own


Professional Development Units:
Upon successful completion of the 2-day course, participants receive 2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
NOTE: The program does not offer academic credits from GW.


Dates: Sept. 22-23 and 29-30 from 9:00 - 1:00 P.M. (EST) 


Tuition: $1,950/person ($1,755 for GW CEPL alumni)
Executive Communications Program + 2 hours of 1-1 Coaching Bundle: $2,850/person 
($2,707 Bundle cost for GW CEPL alumni)


Venue: Online


For more information and to apply contact:

Ina Gjikondi
Director, Executive Education & Coaching
Email: [email protected]  
Phone: 202-994-5313 (Direct)
             703-980-2545 (Cell)


Kateryna Pyatybratova
Marketing and Business Development Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 202-994-5309 (Direct)
             202-817-9176 (Cell)

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