e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification Program

Application Deadline October 30, 2024 - Program begins January 8, 2025

e-Co Leadership Coaching is a vision for leadership and coaching in the world, providing the next generation of leaders, practitioners, and organizations with a whole person and whole systems framework to deepen and expand consciousness in the world towards a flourishing One Humanity.

In this ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, participants work to develop an integrated worldview of coaching in systems while practicing with real-world clients, in organizations that are deeply committed to Sustainable Development Goals, and who care to make a positive difference in the world.

Application Deadlines:
October 30, 2024

Program Dates:  January 8, 2025 – July 17, 2025

Program Introduction & Orientation:
January 8 - 9, 2025 (10 AM-3 PM EST)

Semester 1: January 21 - April 10, 2025
Semester 2: April 29 - July 17, 2025


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Ina Gjikondi
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