Stephenie Foster

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Stephenie Foster


Stephenie Foster (she/her) has deep and broad expertise in women’s economic and political empowerment with decades of experience on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch, the non-profit sector, and the law. She has been fighting for women and girls her entire career; Empowering women in Afghan war zones (U.S. Embassy, Kabul), monitoring elections in Ukraine, representing the U.S. State Department in meetings with government and civil society leaders (Office of Global Women’s Issues), and serving as a Chief of Staff in the U.S. Senate.

Having traveled, lived, or worked in over 100 countries, she has consistently used her voice and actions to change discriminatory laws and policies and help shift cultural norms and inequalities. She is a founding partner of Smash Strategies, which provides strategic advice to corporations, institutions and philanthropists to ensure that their investments in women and girls are effective and transformational. Based on her unique experiences, she understands the political and policy landscapes relevant to empowering women and girls, in order to increase their opportunities for leadership and growth and promote a more equal world.

Stephenie’s newest book, Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls is a well sourced and important workbook/toolkit to help anyone advocate for issues that are important to them within their personal comfort zone. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls covers the basics of activism and advocacy and gives the reader specific information about four issues related to girls, women, and gender equality...the power and importance of education, expanding economic opportunities, eliminating gender based violence and participating in politics and public life.