Jayne Latz

Woman with shoulder length hair and a red shirt smiling broadly

Jayne Latz

President/Founder, Corporate Speech Solutions

Ignite your executive presence and elevate your communication excellence with Jayne Latz.  Jayne Latz empowers high-level professionals to communicate with unwavering confidence, compelling charisma, and unrivaled impact.

With over 30 years of experience, Jayne discovered her true calling while overcoming her own introversion, and she is now dedicated to helping others find their voice.

As a seasoned speech-language pathologist, college educator, and trainer, Jayne empowers leaders and emerging leaders to excel in their careers by communicating with unparalleled clarity, unwavering confidence, and undeniable credibility. 

Jayne's expertise has caught the attention of renowned publications, including The Today Show as well as The Wall Street Journal not once, but four times! 

She has shared her invaluable knowledge in her best-selling book, "Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder: How To Succeed In Business With Clarity and Confidence."

With an impressive YouTube following of over 90,000 subscribers, Jayne is known as The Communication Trainer, spreading her magic to aspiring communicators worldwide.