e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification Program Application


Acceptance into the program requires commitment and discipline beginning with the application process. High-quality participants add significant value to the learning experience; thus, we ask for your thoughtful response to the essay questions below by describing your interest, intention, and impact derived from becoming an e-Co Leadership Coach and enhancing the e-Co global community. 

This rigorous application process is intended to identify the coaching candidates, who will make the greatest impact through their personal deep work to enhance their service to fellow learners, and more importantly, resonate positive ripple effects on our local and global communities. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Application Deadlines

October 30, 2024


Enter 00000 if not applicable
Enter NA if not applicable
Please write your name, as you would like to have it spelled on the graduation certificate from the George Washington University.
Please answer the following questions by providing a response of 250-500 words per question.
If yes, what is one story that stands out where transformation was
What is your relationship to these capacities? 
Please give at least 2 examples.
Our program puts great focus on inner, reflective work.  We do this through numerous methods and practices, including dreamwork and inner-looking through imagery.
  • How do you feel about doing deep inner work?
  • How do you define that/what does it mean to you? 
  • Are you currently engaged in inner work and/or a specific practice?  If so, please give examples.
What is your relationship with nature? Please give at least 2 examples.
If yes, please tell us about it, and how that reflects on your decision to apply to the program.
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Please upload a copy of your resume
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Please provide a brief bio of up to 300 words
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How did you hear about the program? If you have a referral’s contact information, please provide it below, so that we can thank them.
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Payment Options

Mail Checks to:

The George Washington University 
Center for Excellence in Public Leadership 
805 21st Street NW Suite 301, Washington, DC 20052

Please include Applicant's name with payment. If paying online you will be sent a link to our payment form.

Registration Policies



Payment or training/purchase order number is due before students will be allowed to begin the program. The tuition fee includes all course materials. We do not accept credit card information via email or this form. Please do not include credit card numbers in this form. 


Cancellations, Refunds & Substitutions

If you cancel fewer than 31 calendar days before the first day of a program, no refund of tuition will be made and any unpaid tuition will be due. Substitutions, however, are permitted without penalty, subject to Program Director’s approval. All courses are subject to cancellation. When a program is cancelled, GW assumes no responsibility for nonrefundable tickets or lodging expenses.


Program Attendance

We urge you to carefully review the program schedule and select a format that will allow you to spend blocks of time away from the office. Program participation is required to be 90% or higher for you to qualify for the final certification exam.