Co-VITA19 Social Medicine

Mobilizing Community Wellbeing through Leadership Conversations

With the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, we saw how quickly things can shift, disrupting our established patterns and assumptions. In times like these we need to take greater care of ourselves and by doing so, support our communities, and the global humanity.

What can each of us do to not just survive, but thrive in the middle of all this uncertainty and fear? How are we to tap into our creative potential, and build cohesion when “social distancing” has become “the thing”? A new leadership imperative is upon us, one that can help prevent the spread of viral harms in our global community: isolation, stigma, and hopelessness.

Museums and concert halls worldwide are now making their exhibitions available to everyone virtually. A Facebook group started by a professor to support educators in online learning reached 7,500 members in a matter of days. In Italy people sing and play music on their balconies, thus reimagining a new social collective.

This is who we are. Keeping the community alive and connected is what strengthens our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

To support communities we serve in our nation’s capital, and the many people who are on the frontlines of this crisis, GW CEPL will host a set of learning series, “Co-VITA19 Social Medicine: Mobilizing Community Wellbeing through Leadership Conversations.” As you may know, the etymology of the word “VITA” comes from Latin, and stands for “LIFE”. We felt this was an appropriate title for this community, as we seek to re-imagine how we continue our life together, as one humanity, and how we choose to show up in this world.

We will be offering a series of one-hour interactive webinars, as well as daily resources (videos, readings, coaching, meditations) to support each other, and anyone who wishes to participate. We also welcome your ideas on what could be helpful: we are co-creating this vision with you, and this could evolve into something new with your support!
Our team is putting together a schedule pretty quickly, and will be using the Zoom technology to broadcast live, while offering recordings on demand.
Please keep an eye out for announcements, and considering joining the “Co-VITA19 Social Medicine" Facebook Group for latest information on webinar topics and other helpful resources.