Lutricia C Jackson

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Lutricia C Jackson



Office Phone: 1-301-254-3282

Lutricia Carter Jackson has three decades of experience working in a variety of federal government organizations. Throughout her career she has served in critical roles supporting the success of organizations and leaders, including:

  • Expert educator skilled at developing, delivering, managing, and evaluating leadership development programs
  • Master Certified Professional Life Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Master group facilitator
  • Accomplished and sought-after Program/Project leader
  • Trusted adviser to senior leaders. An underlying theme throughout her diverse roles/capabilities is a commitment to helping individuals achieve results by: Strengthening their perspective of their own and others’ value, improving focus on the factors that truly matter, and fully engaging and leveraging their and their team’s capabilities to achieve success.

While Lutricia continues to work in all of the areas above, a major focus of Lutricia’s current consulting practice involves coaching individuals and teams to effectively achieve their goals by better exploring, understanding, and leveraging their purpose/passion and values. She is also certified in the use of a variety of leadership 360 assessment and development tools. Lutricia has coached and mentored hundreds of leaders and managers who are making extraordinary differences in achieving goals and objectives in their organizations. A common reaction from her clients is “Lutricia is knowledgeable about training and employee development and knows how to get the right things done within the Federal system. She has a trustworthy and candid communication style and strives to include her field's latest innovations in her work. I enjoyed working with Lutricia and would happily do so again." 

  • Design and Implementation of Leadership Development
  • Training and Career Management Systems
  • Executive Coaching Behavioral Change 360 Degree Assessments
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Strategic Planning Strategist Program and Project Management
  • Masters in Organizational Development, The American University and the National Training Laboratory
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work, Tennessee State University
  • Associate of Arts in IT Project Management, the George Washington University and the ESI

Lutricia Carter Jackson is a master certified coach and consultant providing leadership and professional development coaching, strategic planning, training and motivational speaking services for individuals, groups and organizations.

It is my goal to make a positive difference in the lives of a million people one person at a time. I most enjoy reading and traveling anywhere near the water with my extended family.