Strategy Management Performance System Certification Program

Successful strategic management and execution helps organizations increase focus on strategy and results, improve organizational performance by measuring what matters, align the work people do on a day-to-day basis with strategy, focus on the drivers of future performance, improve communication of the organization’s Vision and Strategy, and prioritize in tough economic times. The Strategic Management Performance System Certification Program (SMPS) is professional education designed to deliver a "process driven" understanding and provide practical tools to those currently managing or leading strategic planning along with those desiring to develop their skills to take on more responsibilities in strategy management.

Topics covered by the course include: 
  • Strategic Thinking 
  • Environmental Assessments 
  • Strategy Formulation 
  • Strategic and Operating Planning 
  • Strategy Implementation, Evaluation and Control Management 
This certification program is offered as an open enrollment online program with blended learning formats. 
For more about the program, please visit the Strategy Management Group website and download our brochure here.