Sandra Martinez

Sandra Martinez, PhD

Executive Coach

Sandra M. Martínez is the President of Fénix Leadership & Development, LLC, a thought leader in leadership development and organizational transformation, and former Defense Transformation Chair at the US Army War College.  She is a consultant, researcher, and executive coach who has designed, built, and delivered presentations, workshops, courses, and programs to support leadership and organizational development and transformation with government departments and agencies, businesses, and non-profit groups in the US and abroad, including the Cebrowski Institute of the Naval Postgraduate School and the National Defense University.  Early in her academic career she taught leadership and team-building processes at the Wharton School and participated as a researcher in the acclaimed Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior (GLOBE) project, describing leadership behavior across 62 societies.  She has published broadly, especially about leader development and transformation based on an understanding of the stages of adult development and learning.  Recently, the National Defense University published a chapter written by Martinez and co-authors John Agoglia and Matthew Levinger in a book entitled Changing Mind-sets to Transform Security:  Leader Development for an Unpredictable and Complex World.  When Martínez presented this work at an ACT-NATO conference in 2013, illustrating the application of an adult developmental perspective in Professional Military Education (PME), it resonated deeply with many leaders throughout the security community.   

Martínez is certified to administer, score and debrief the Leadership MAP (sometimes known as the Leadership Development Profile), as well as the 360 degree assessment, the Leadership Circle.  She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from New Mexico State University and an MA with distinction from the University of New Mexico in Latin American Studies and International Management.  Her BA is in Music, from Colorado Women’s College.  She is fluent in Spanish, having worked and delivered presentations and courses abroad in Spanish.