Prominent Public Policy Expert & Social Impact Strategist Joins our Lineup of Senior Fellows

Headshot of Author Rich Tafel and the cover of his recent book "How to Heal our Divides"We are pleased to welcome Rich Tafel to our lineup of Senior Fellows at the Center!
A well-recognized name in Washington DC's political scene, Rich is transformation leader and executive coach in areas of social change and spiritual entrepreneurship.
A serial social innovator in his own right, he has launched two nonprofits and two for-profits, and has worked with more than 100 social entrepreneurs and activists around the world.
Rich is also the Director of the American Project, a new Democracy Fund-supported effort to bring together leading thinkers to imagine new solutions to America’s broken political system. He spent the last 20 years engaged in shaping public policy for those without a voice in the system. 
A graduate of the Harvard Divinity School, Rich is a prolific writer and thought leader. He contributed to a recently-released publication How to Heal our Divides: a Practical Guide, now available on Amazon!