Practical Strategy Execution

While many leaders, managers and analysts are comfortable creating a strategic plan for moving their organization forward, many struggle to turn abstract goals and strategies into reality. This program teaches participants how to effectively implement an organization’s strategy by focusing on five strategy execution imperatives. As opposed to a typical strategic planning course that focuses on the art and science of goal setting, this is a hands-on course on the implementation steps needed to turn strategy into action. This course is designed for all organizations and all sectors, regardless of what strategic planning framework has been used.

The course consists of two parts – Part 1 is three days and covers the basics of strategy execution; Part 2 is two days and includes advanced material, a certification exam, and a cohort project. Delegates will leave the class with a customized Strategy Execution Roadmap for better executing their organization’s strategy. The Roadmap will include recommended actions and a structured plan for implementing strategy and regularly evaluating the effectiveness of strategy implementation.

Topics covered by the course include:

  • Test your current strategic plan for “goodness” against best practice criteria, and learn how to make it stronger as a stepping off point for successful strategy execution
  • Understand how five imperatives that are critical to successful strategy execution can be used to organize successful strategy implementation efforts:
    • Leadership and Governance
    • Aligned People, Processes and Systems
    • Operationalized Strategy
    • Performance Information Reporting and Analysis
    • Project/Portfolio Management
  • Understand how important clear communications and change management are to achieving successful strategy execution and creating a more high-performance organization
  • Create a customized My Strategy Execution Roadmap for your organization

Who should attend:

This course is recommended for managers, planners, analysts, and others who are charged with implementing plans and delivering results. The course is highly recommended for members of Executive and Senior Management teams, Program and Policy Analysts, Project Managers, and strategy office and performance management teams. The course is also ideal for any business professional who wants to keep abreast of the latest thinking in strategic planning, alignment, strategic program and project management, performance measurement, and strategy execution. Organizations will benefit the most by sending teams to the course who are seeking the best practical ideas for successful strategy implementation in their organizations.

Business and support unit employees will benefit from seeing how strategy is aligned from enterprise level to their level and how plans are implemented to produce results. Enterprise-wide leaders and managers will benefit from learning how to successfully implement the strategy execution imperatives at all organization levels.

For more about the program, please visit the Balanced Scorecard Institute website. 

Continuing Education Units:
All BSI Certification Program participants qualify for GWU Continuing Education Units. Attendees completing the 10-session program qualify for 4 CEUs.

Tuition Price: $4,800 (5 days or 10 online sessions)

Terry Sterling
Director of Training
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 727-233-4404