Partnership with Optum Serve Provided Resilience Support to Leaders in Health Care

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June 24, 2021

Resilience is a team effort. Self-care begets healthier families, organizations and communities.

This is why, earlier this year, GW-CEPL partnered with OptumServe Consulting and UnitedHealth Group to support their United Through Resilience initiative. The initiative aimed to provide proactive mental and emotional health resources and support to health care organizations, their leaders and their staff, many of whom were working on the frontline.

United Through Resilience launched in June 2020 as a full-spectrum initiative that included a mobile and web-based application that keeps mental and emotional health resources simple and within reach. It also features a 24/7 support and resource call line staffed by clinical professionals and a robust Learning Community, which lent additional support through discussion groups, leadership trainings, peer support trainings and an anonymous online peer support and discussion forum.

GW-CEPL's team of subject matter experts contributed by leading a set of experiential webinars for organizational leaders, staff managers and supervisors on topics such as:

  • Self-Care as a Well of Personal Resource and Community Wealth (Molly Sturges)
  • Brain, Chronic Stress and Uncertainty: The Neuroscience of Wellbeing and Resiliency (Wendy Swire)
  • Resilience, Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman: Lessons from the Past for Today’s Leaders (Dr. Jared Peatman)
  • Conscious Energy Leadership for Resilience and Regeneration in Stressful and Chaotic Environments (Jim Robinson)
  • Managing and Leading in Times of Uncertainty (Dr. Bonnie Buckner)
  • Team Leadership Practices for Resilience and Regeneration in Periods of Stress and Chaos (Jim Robinson)

Critical to the success of the leadership training series was the opportunity to offer "pracademic" (practical and academic) theory, tools and strategies for self-care, as well as personal and organizational resilience. It also allowed participants to share their insights and experiences of surviving and thriving during unprecedented times. 

"[Managers and leaders] were given tools for creative decision making, building energetic and responsive teams, and identifying key components for boosting morale and improving adaptability," writes Lauren Nir, Senior Consultant for Learning and Diffusion at OptumServe Consulting, and Learning and Communications Lead for the United Through Resilience initiative.

With the United Through Resilience initiative’s end in May 2021, we are looking forward to the continued evolution of services and supports lent to frontline leaders.