Mastering Agile Organization Design for the Public Sector

This certification program trains professionals to construct high-performing, agile and responsive organizations. Course participants will learn how to anticipate and overcome changing landscapes and unforeseeable obstacles through innovation, collaboration and systems integration with continuous feedback loops.
Developed in collaboration with LBL Strategies, and certified by the GW Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, Mastering Agile Organizational Design for the Public Sector Certification gives government professionals the tools to make their organizations more agile, adaptive and responsive.
Dates: The first session of Mastering Agile Organization Design for the Public Sector will be held over 6 half-day sessions (October 28, 29, 30 + November 4, 5, 6).
Price: $2,975
Format: Live Online; this certification program offers live interactive instruction, including breakout groups and application exercises