Malaika Simmons

Malaika Simmons headshotMalaika Simmons is co-author of two books, including the Amazon bestselling "The Success Blueprint" with Brian Tracy, and “Entrepreneurial Elevation”, a compendium of lessons and leadership from 31 purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Malaika is the creator of The Momentology Method®, and CEO of Momentology Media, LLC. Momentology is defined as the study and practice of operating ‘in the now’, succeeding with what you have, from wherever you are, RIGHT NOW. Malaika uses The Momentology Method® to help executives and high performers create daily momentum with sustainable plans that lets them step up, speak up and level up to create the impactful career, business and life of their dreams.
Malaika’s passion is the empowerment of women to have agency, confidence and conviction to set, pursue and exceed ANY goal they can conceive of, further, to dream bigger than their circumstance. She uses her methodology to show them how to design a life that matters and to be creative and calculating in the execution of their dreams. Her approach gives women insights and ACTIONABLE steps to achieve a successful personal brand and become the person they dream about.