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According to the Federal Employees Almanac 2014, federal agencies may:

  • Pay training and education expenses from appropriated funds or other available funds for training needed to support program functions
  • Reimburse employees for all or part of the costs of training or education
  • Share training and education costs with employees
  • Pay travel expenses for employees assigned to training
  • Adjust an employee's normal work schedule for educational purposes not related to official duties

We accept Standard Form-182 (SF-182) for training authorizations from the federal government.

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Registration Policies


Payment or training/ purchase order number is due before students will be allowed to begin the program. The tuition fee includes course materials as well as meals and accommodations at an executive conference center for the retreat programs. However, the tuition fee excludes meals and accommodations for the remainder of the sessions (non-residential period). We do not accept credit card information via email or this form. Please do not include credit card numbers in this form.

Cancellations, Refunds, & Substitutions 

You have up to 12 months to reschedule your program registration to a different time frame. If you cancel fewer than 31 calendar days before the first day of a program, no refund of tuition will be made and any unpaid tuition will be due. Substitutions, however, are permitted at any time without penalty. All courses are subject to cancellation. When a program is cancelled, GW assumes no responsibility for nonrefundable tickets or lodging expenses. 

Program Attendance

We urge you to carefully review the program schedule and select a format that will allow you to spend blocks of time away from the office. Job duties may require you to miss an hour or two of class; however, if you miss more than one session, you will be asked to make up the time in order to receive a certificate of completion and continuing education units for the program.