GLDP Alumni Interviews

Xin (Cara) Zhao

Senior Manager, Private Banking Department, ICBC, Beijing

Weiling (William) Lin

Deputy Head of Business Administration Division, E-Banking Department & Head of Marketing Division, Internet Finance Marketing Center, ICBC, Beijing

Yi (Pat) Zheng

Deputy Director, Test Division of Data Center, ICBC, Beijing

Global Leadership Development Program

The Global Leadership Development Program is a professional development program designed by The George Washington University, College of Professional Studies. The objectives of the program include:

  • Acquire leadership and management capacities that enable the participants to lead in a complex, ever-changing environment;
  • Develop a global mindset that will allow the participants to lead in an increasingly globalized world;
  • Gain a practical experience in American workplaces; and
  • Build a global network with professionals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

The program is composed of three sections:

Semester 1: 

During the first semester, the students will participate in cohort-based classes to become adjusted to the new cultural and academic environment and enhance their language skills. Selected seminars that are tailored to the participants’ professional backgrounds will also be provided on a cohort-basis.

Semester 2: 

During the second semester, students will be required to take one cohort-based class, while completing two elective classes from the existing course catalog with current students from the George Washington University. The purpose of the elective classes is to provide the participants with an opportunity to immerse in the American academic and classroom environment in their respective interest area. The cohort-based class is designed to supplement the immersion elective class and create a safe learning environment for the entire cohort to reflect upon their experience in elective classes.

Semester 3: 

During the third and last semester, the participants are required to complete a 10-week practicum. The participants will be assigned to a host organization in small groups of 2 or 3. The practicum is designed to be a professional development experience that gives the participants an opportunity to observe American workplaces including shadowing managers or executives. The practicum experience is supplemented by a cohort-based, faculty-led seminar class.

Wenzhong Wang"I think the program is rich in its content. It includes both managerial skills that ICBC could take advantage of, as well as the American culture and society in general. It used a variety of formats in and outside of the classrooms, and invited a lot of experienced professionals in different functional areas, which is very impressive. In general, GWU's training program has its unique advantage, and we have gained a great deal studying here."

Class President
Wenzhong Wang