Frank Staroba

Frank Staroba, Ph.D.

Frank Staroba is a senior consultant for Staroba & Company, training and communications. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of the District of Columbia with teaching experience in communications theory, public speaking, and directing in the speech, television and theatre programs.

Dr. Staroba conducts workshops, coaches platform skills and team briefings, and stresses the nonverbal side of communications. His approach includes body language, timing, staging the event, and communicating authentically by enlarging who you are in order to reach your audience. His clients have included gas and electric utilities nation wide, hotel chains including the Plaza of New York City, and many federal agencies and national associations.

Dr. Staroba served as the associate dean of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, University of the District of Columbia. He has directed or acted in more than fifty university and professional productions.


Dr. Staroba holds a B.A. from DePauw University in English composition and an M.A. from Northwestern in English literature, as well as the Doctorate of Fine Arts from Yale.