Q: Are you able to conduct training at my organization?
A: Yes, we frequently work onsite to deliver the training to our client organizations.

Q: Do you offer customized training based on organizational need?
A: Yes, our faculty team will work with your organization to develop a tailored curriculum to fit your organization’s needs, designing case studies and examples that reflect the particular challenges facing you and your institution.

Q: Are CPEs offered for auditors that need them to stay current?
A: Yes, we offer 40 CPEs in the “Business and Management” category for the 5-day Certificate program and 24 CPEs for the 3-day Tools and Techniques program.

Q: Is this a certificate/certification program?
A: This is a certificate program that could lead to a certification.

Q: How is it different from other programs on offer?
A: To summarize in one word: “VALUE”

  1. The GW Advantage
  2. Tailored to your organizational needs
  3. Quantitative and qualitative tools
  4. Application assignment
  5. Taught by “Pracademics”  (faculty who are academics & practitioners)
  6.  Earning 4 CEUs and 40 CPEs
  7. Rigorous, hands-on and practical (you walk away having applied the tools)
  8. A step closer to an ERM “Certification
  9. GW ERM alumni network

Q: Do you accept SF-182s?
A: Yes

Q: What is the billing process?
A: For open enrollment programs, participants are sent invoices after completing the registration on our website. For the custom programs, the client agency is invoiced for the amount specified in the contract in accordance with the contract requirements.

Q: Is your training geared toward Feds?
A: Yes, our ERM program is specifically geared toward the public sector, and can be further customized for your agency’s unique ERM environment