Emotional Intelligence for Leaders & Teams

Do you want to be a more effective leader, a better influencer and enhance your leadership presence? Are you looking to stay more calm and composed during public speaking engagements or even at team and staff meetings?

One unique, yet effective approach that we have discovered through Equine Intelligence is by bringing horses to the “classroom” and providing experiential education. The experiential activities, on the ground, are set up with the horses to relate specifically to your goals and outcomes. After each activity discussion occurs to gather discoveries and actions to be taken back for integration.

Just as horses can finely tune into their environment, they will tune into you and “read” what is going on with you and respond immediately. Without judgment or agenda, the horse may choose to move away, not move, connect with you, walk with you, or ignore you completely and provide a changing mirror of how you are leading moment by moment. They become your master teacher in your quest to be a leader who is more emotionally intelligent, present, integrated, congruent, creative, and clear and confident in your actions.

Emotional Intelligence is found in studies to be four times more important in determining professional success than raw IQ and training. As Bob Wall, author of Coaching for Emotional Intelligence and Working Relationships like to say, “IQ and training get you to the arena; EQ helps you win the game.” 

In this session you will develop leadership skills to become more:

  • Self-aware: How your feelings, body language, thoughts, and actions impact those you lead.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Results from accessing and trusting your intuition more quickly.
  • Resilience: Comes from learning to understand and manage your reactions to failure. Leadership Presence: Step into a more centered leaders others want to follow.
           Tools: Practices that give you an in-the-moment quick ways to check in as a leader to increase self-awareness and self-management.
           Aware of others: How to quickly tune in to individuals and groups and respond effectively.
  • Conflict Management: How to manage your own conflict style, tune into others style, and find collaborative solutions.
  • Influencing, Negotiating and Speaking Up: The more you understand yourself and others the more you can create space for collaborative solutions and speaking up with authenticity.
  • Team Building: Learn the elements needed to create flow in a team.

Target Audience:  Middle and senior managers in public, private and non-profit sectors who are responsible for cultivating productive workplace relationships, improving employee engagement, shaping organizational culture and driving the consistent achievement of tangible results.
Dates: April 24, 2018
Venue: GWU Alexandria Graduate Center, 413 John Carlyle Street, Suite 250 Alexandria, VA 22314 (5 min walk from Blue/Yellow Line and 15 min driving from the Reagan National Airport)
Cost: $1,500

*We offer a 10% discount for GW-CEPL alumni and groups of 5 or more.

Ina Gjikondi-Cecchetto 
Director, Executive Education and Leadership Coaching Services
Phone: 202-994-5313

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We offer a 10% discount for GW-CEPL alumni and groups of 5 or more.