Emerging Coach Series
Emerging Coach Series

Emerging Coach Series


The eCo Series

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The Emerging Coach Series (eCo Series) is focused on supporting the new coach in their journey of learning, growing, and community building. The series features sessions with our coaching program alumni who bring in a question that the community will co-explore and work with. The space is also open to those curious about coaching who might want to explore and learn more about this path.

Featured Speakers and Topics:
The program is moderated by Ina Gjikondi, PCC, Director of the  e-Co Leadership Coaching Program

May 16: The 457 Experience - Thennie Freeman

The 457 Experience

How to strategize and plan for the unknown.


Thennie Freeman serves as the Director of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), initially joining as Deputy Director of Recreation Services. With over 15 years of experience in leadership roles, Freeman has overseen significant social service programs for youth, managing large budgets effectively. She played a pivotal role in enhancing the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program, earning recognition with a Cafritz Award in 2020 for her exemplary service to District residents.

Freeman's initiatives have transformed high-risk programs, facilitating youth employment and skill development. Notably, she contributed to DC's recognition as the top place for summer jobs by Forbes Magazine in 2016 and spearheaded the Mayor's Opportunity Scholarship, benefiting thousands of District youth. Freeman's recent partnership securing a $3 million deal with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency underscores her commitment to advancing opportunities for District youth. With a Master of Arts in Teaching, Freeman actively supports educational scholarships through her involvement with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

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Thennie Freeman

Director, DC Department of Parks and Recreation

June 20th: Images as Portals for Transformation - Anna Nowicka

Images as Portals for Transformation

In the session we will learn how to work with embodied imagery as a tool for transformation. We will catch images hiding between "what is said," and practice unraveling them through asking the right questions. When an image is opened up this way, suddenly a myriad of possibilities becomes accessible within a hand's reach.


Anna is DYW Kids Program Director and adjunct faculty for the International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery. She is a Graduate of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, with MAs in Choreography at the HfS Ernst-Busch Berlin and in Psychology at Warsaw University, with a practice-based Ph.D. in Acting. She is a choreographer and performer bringing dreaming techniques to the performing arts. As a coach, she works with individuals and groups, facilitating transformation through imagery and dreaming.

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Anna Nowicka

Program Director, DYW Kids
Adjunct Faculty & Practitioner
International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery

July 18th: Disrupting Your Own Thinking - Kristina Savoy

Disrupting Your Own Thinking

In "Disrupting Your Own Thinking", we will explore the most prevalent ways in which blocking our own potential resides within our core ability to embody a positively affirming mindset. In fact, our innate desire to grow more self-aware while building greater self-compassion lies directly in our ability to access the gifts of human connection, recognition, and belonging. We'll examine the most common strategies for bringing greater calm, peace, and light into our lives while determining how these also may enable success both personally and professionally. 


Kristina Savoy is an organizational development professional with over eighteen years of experience in executive leadership coaching, organizational training and design, strategic development, and program management. With a specific passion to motivate and inspire executive leaders and managers across all levels to incorporate transformational leadership strategies within the changing organizational landscape, she seeks to re-energize learning and development across organizational lines.

Throughout her career, Kristina has led the development of various mission-critical initiatives using both mentoring and coaching at the helm of organizational growth. She has aided organizational executives, leadership, stakeholders, and employees in rethinking the current transactional state of business while shifting the focus towards a more transformational and innovative approach.

September 19th: Beyond Brainstorming: Tapping Your Inner Innovator - Lynne Cuppernull

Beyond Brainstorming: Tapping Your Inner Innovator

In this session, we challenge the notion that innovation is the sole domain of “creative” types and introduce a tool called the Lotus Blossom. The Lotus Blossom helps people go beyond traditional brainstorming by centering ideas around a central question, themes related to that question, and specific actions to take related to each theme. When brainstorming, we often get stuck in our first set of ideas. The Lotus Blossom helps us move through and beyond the first set of ideas and ends with a beautiful flower full of possibilities.


Lynne has been facilitating the growth and development of healthcare leaders for over 23 years, through work at Kaiser Permanente, the Alliance of Community Health Plans, and now the MITRE Institute. A certified Innovation Toolkit Facilitator, she loves to help people unlock their inner innovator to create something different that makes a difference in the world. 

As a leadership coach, she helps clients focus on better understanding their leadership strengths and how to leverage their unique assets to achieve their goals and be even more effective leaders. 

Headshot of a woman with a flowered shirt and blonde shoulder length hair smiling broadly

Lynne Cuppernull

Senior Principal, Leadership Development & Organizational Transformation at the MITRE Institute
Certified Innovation Toolkit Facilitator

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