Emerging Coach Series
Emerging Coach Series

Emerging Coach Series


The eCo Series

Supporting the New Coach


The Emerging Coach Series (eCo Series) is focused on supporting the new coach in their journey of learning, growing, and community building. The launching packet features eight sessions with our coaching program alumni who bring in a question that the community will co-explore and work with. The space is also open to those curious about coaching who might want to explore and learn more about this path.

Featured Speakers and Topics:
The program is moderated by Ina Gjikondi, PCC, Director of the  e-Co Leadership Coaching Program

May 18: Empathy Map - Beth Tuttle

Empathy Map

Empathy - for self and others - is a critical superpower for leaders to develop and tap into. An Empathy Map is a simple tool that guides us through five key questions to ask when we seek to understand someone else's perspective or want to walk in their shoes.


Beth Tuttle is an e-Co leadership and executive coach, organizational consultant, and author who is dedicated to serving and supporting change-makers and social-benefit organizations as they envision, grow towards, and achieve successful futures. Her career has spanned the non-profit, philanthropic, corporate, and government sectors.

She brings that breadth of perspective and expertise to her work as founder and managing director of METStrategies for Leadership, where she has consulted over the past three decades to numerous national foundations, leading cultural and educational institutions, and corporations in the technology and media sectors.

Before focusing on coaching, Ms. Tuttle served as President and CEO of two national nonprofits, The American Horticultural Society and DataArts.

Woman with short hair and dark shirt smiling broadly

Beth Tuttle

Founder & Managing Director of METStrategies for Leadership



June 15: Team Coaching Tools - Betsy Caine  

Team Coaching Tools

I will be sharing some of the tools I use in Leadership Team Coaching. Even if not working as a Team Coach, you may find these helpful when working with teams.


Ms. Caine is a senior consultant with over 25 years of demonstrated expertise in improving organizational performance with specialization in developing high-performing senior teams.

Her portfolio includes experience in Leadership and Team Coaching, OD, Strategic Planning, Leadership Consulting, and internal strategic. She received her Team Certification from Corentus in 2018 and continues to help senior teams to excel.

Woman with glasses and a blue patterned shawl wrapped around her shoulders

Betsy Caine

Leadership Coach & President of Work in Progress, LLC



July 13: Dynamics of Differences – Power of Culture in the Coaching Relationship & Process - Willair St. Vil

Dynamics of Differences – Power of Culture in the Coaching Relationship & Process

In this session, participants will analyze and demonstrate the impact and influence of culture in the coaching container and relationship.


Willair’s first formal coaching training came from the United Way of America some 30 years ago where he walked away with the concept that we do not manage our direct reports, we coach them toward their best self as valued professionals and performers. 

Willair’s overall professional experience has served him well as an Executive Coach. He had to access these skills and competencies in many leadership roles such as the Chief Operating Officer of the Seattle Urban League, Planner with the Office of Economic Development of the City of Seattle, and other executive-level positions as well as Board membership of various organizations in Seattle, New York City, and Washington, DC. 

He is a graduate of three well-known and reputable Leadership Development programs, such as the e-Co Leadership Coaching Certificate program with the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. In addition to coaching, he is also certified as a Master Facilitator, Mediator, and Yogi.

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Willair St. Vil

Certified Executive Coach, Mentor Coach & President/CEO of Kiskeiano Consulting



August 10: Mindfulness of Coaching - Jameal Ghaznawi

Mindfulness of Coaching

Mindfulness is both a way of being and a practice. It's also the ultimate metacognitive tool for supercharging our capacities of awareness, presence, and active listening. In this session, you'll learn how a mindfulness practice can help you connect more deeply with yourself and with your clients.


Jameal Ghaznawi is a teacher and coach at Striking Contrast, where he helps mastery-minded teams and individuals overcome obstacles and find the balance between fulfillment and achievement.

When he's not backpacking through the backwoods you can find him writing and curating content for the Mindful Mastery newsletter. You can find him online at https://strikingcontra.st.

Man with short dark hair, mustache and beard with gray jacket looking forward

Jameal Ghaznawi

Coach & Founder of Striking Contrast



September 14: What Are My Top 10 Joys in Life? - Roz Wilson

What Are My Top 10 Joys in Life?

“What Are My Top 10 Joys in Life” is a simple yet powerful tool that can help individuals get in touch with what truly gives them joy in life. In order to experience the tool, participants will be asked to make their own list of their top 10 joys. This will be followed by a facilitated discussion designed to surface what they noticed and how this tool can be used with clients.


Rosalind (Roz) Wilson is a helping professional, invested in personal, team, leadership, and community effectiveness. As an executive, leadership, and life coach, her work seeks to activate growth, build self-awareness and empower choice. Her guiding principles include: fostering strong and trusting relationships and assuring people feel heard, cared for, respected, and affirmed.

Roz’s coaching approach is to explore what is most meaningful for the client. She comes prepared to be fully present, to listen deeply, and help the client gain clarity on their goals, issues, and challenges. Her interest is to bring coaching to communities not typically exposed to its benefits.

In addition to coaching, Roz’s career as an organizational development and learning consultant includes working with teams and different levels of leaders in complex organizations. Her portfolio includes coaching, team building, visioning and strategic planning, inclusive leadership, interpersonal communications, emotional intelligence, and conflict management.

Woman with short hair, flowered shirt and dark jacket smiling broadly

Roz Wilson

Executive, Leadership, and Team Coach, RTW Growth Strategies


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October 12: Coaching through Photography - Kwelli Sneed

Coaching through Photography



Over the course of her career, Kwelli D. Sneed has worked hard and made a positive imprint at several of the District government’s agencies, including the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), the District’s Department of Human Resources (DCHR), and others.

To hone her leadership skills and abilities she was selected to participate in the District government’s Certified Public Management Program (CPM) and the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) in partnership with George Washington University and the Mayor’s Mentoring Circles under Mayor Muriel Bowser Administration. In 2018, she was recognized by the Agency Director for the Department of Parks and Recreation as “Manager of the Year”. 

Kwelli holds a B.S. in Chemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Development and Human Resources and is certified in Myers-Briggs and Green Belt Lean Six Sigma.


Woman with shoulder length hair and burgundy jacket smiling broadly

Kwelli Sneed

Vice President of Organizational Development & Transformation


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November 9: Trauma-Informed Coaching - Kate O'Day

Trauma-Informed Coaching

We will review the 4 Rs of Trauma-Informed Care, which also form the basis of trauma-informed coaching.


CEO. Coach. Author. Commissioner. Kate O’Day has dedicated her career to transformational change in people and the organizations and systems that serve them. Her career in the public and private sectors spans more than four decades across multiple states and has produced game-changing results at all levels, from individual and family to corporate and systemic. Kate is CEO of Gateway (Child and Family Solutions), an organization that has forged pathways to family wholeness in Alabama since 1891. Kate serves as a Sherpa to leaders and organizations navigating today’s challenges and seeking the unmatched opportunities they present.

Kate has an ICF-accredited certificate in e-Co Leadership Coaching from the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. Kate earned her Master of Social Work degree at Florida International University and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Florida. She performed her post-graduate training in Family Systems Therapy and Mental Health at the Samaritan Counseling Center of South Florida. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (state of Florida). She has developed her practice in imagery through study at the International Institute of Dreaming and Imagery, the School of Images, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and the Haden Institute. She recently coauthored a volume of leadership essays for the Child Welfare League of America titled Becoming the Change We Seek: CEO Stories from the Voluntary Sector. She is also published in CWLA’S Child Welfare Journal and in the Handbook of Attachment Interventions.

December 14: Grounding with Stream of Consciousness-Weed or Roots - Paris Perrault

Grounding with Stream of Consciousness-Weed or Roots

The session will provide a grounding exercise that can be used in coaching sessions to help the client focus by using a timed prompt and response technique that can help with identifying real-time blocks or opportunities to explore and navigate in the coaching session.


Paris Perrault Tillery describes herself as an executive coach, educator, facilitator, researcher, author, change agent, genealogist, and artist. Her career spans 25 years serving with leaders in government, small start-ups, and large global and complex companies, with specialized expertise in organization development, performance engineering, healing collective and generational trauma, post-pandemic health, wellness and healing, and social justice. 

She holds a B.A. in Social-Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an M.B.A. in Global Studies Program from the University of Phoenix, San Diego. Paris is also the Practitioner of the 360 Assessments: Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Leadership Development Report (LDR), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Positive Intelligence (PQ) Assessments: Breaking the self-sabotage cycle.


The program is free and open to the public.

No CPEs will be offered for attending the series.


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