Dale Lautenbach

Dale Lautenbach

Executive Coach

Ms. Lautenbach, a South African national, is an executive coach who has entered this field following a career rich in global experience. She has worked with and managed people across multiple fields, often in challenging environments. 

For 17 years, Ms. Lautenbach managed global communication teams and advised vice presidents and senior executives at the World Bank. The challenge was to articulate an authentic and powerful account of the World Bank’s role in development across countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Tunisia among many others. She worked closely with senior management to guide them through complex political environments in which communication to multiple audiences was key. Equally important was her input to a constant risk analysis of the institution’s working environment where development efforts may be jeopardized by a range of opposing forces. Constituencies included a wide range of developing countries in South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa but important too were audiences in the international donor community, mainly in Europe and the United States. During her time at the World Bank, Ms. Lautenbach also served as speechwriter for the President of the institution.

Prior to her global development role, Ms. Lautenbach was a journalist in southern Africa for 16 years for Independent Newspapers, the largest print media group in South Africa. She wrote extensively about her country and its historic transition from apartheid to a democratic government. She also covered wars and peace processes in countries including Angola, Namibia and Mozambique. Following the inauguration of President Mandela in 1994 she became Foreign Editor for the newspaper group which broadened her reporting reach to international affairs just as the country re-entered the global community of nations. During this time she extended her reporting beyond Africa and developed a close working relationship with the European Union among other global interests.  

Ms. Lautenbach brings the sum of this experience to her coaching role with a profound respect for cultural diversity and differing worldviews. She approaches coaching with a careful sensitivity to a client’s context and possibility. Dale is a graduate of the New Ventures West Coaching School.