Cultural Transformation Tools Practitioner Certification

What are CTTs? 
The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTTs) are one of the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments commercially available to leaders, consultants, HR professionals and coaches.

The Cultural Transformation Tools are designed to support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement.

The broad range of surveys and tools provide the input you need to plan and manage change initiatives, cultural transformation programs, diversity interventions, talent management and leadership development initiatives, and customer feedback.

They make the intangibles tangible and provide lead indicators for measuring individual and collective performance.

The Barrett Model does not set out a fixed pattern of culture effectiveness, instead it provides a far more open framework which creates a dialogue for unique circumstances, rather than fitting into a pre-determined model of good.

Cultural Transformation Tools Practitioner Certification 
Cultural Transformation Tools provides the ultimate tool and skill set to effectively identify, measure, and transform culture. It is a priceless tool for corporate consultants and trainers to provide for their clients, as well as internal culture managers to take their organizations to the next level.

Certification Components 

The CTT Practitioner Certification consists of pre-work, live training and post training follow up.

Pre- Live training: Preparation
Pre-Work 30-45 days prior to live training

All Participants will complete an Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and a Leadership Development Report (LDR) or an Individual Development Report (IDR) and experience both being a coach and being coached through their results. Small amount of reading to become familiar with the tools.

Two-90-minute Zoom Calls with Kathleen to lay the foundation for the live training experience.

4-Days Live Training

  • Day 1 of the program focuses on Personal Consciousness: Kathleen will introduce the concept of cultural transformation and share the 7 Levels of Consciousness model to facilitate your understanding of your Individual Values Assessment.
  • Day 2 is devoted to Transforming Organizations, covering the Cultural Values Assessments, Merger & Acquisition Compatibility Assessments, and the use of demographics within organizations.
  • Day 3 we will focus on values-based leadership exploring Richard Barret 7 levels of leadership consciousness. We will unpack your 360 Leadership Development Report (LDR) or Individual Development Report (IDR). Workshop design and delivery will be covered.
  • Day 4 is devoted to Direction & Action: it covers the creation of vision and mission statements (the direction) and, finally, we put everything together into a comprehensive and practical blend creating business transformation (the concept of whole systems change).

Post Training: Support
Our support does not end after the live training. Kathleen will stay with you for 6 weeks following the training with bi-weekly group ZOOM calls. These calls are designed to help you integrate your learning and begin to use the tools in your organization or consulting practice. These calls are recorded for your convenience and future reference. 

To ensure you use the tools right away, included in your tuition is a free Individual Values Assessment (IVA), and a choice of either a Small Group Assessment (SGA) or Leadership Development Report (LDR) to use with your target client group (up to $1,800 value).

After 6 weeks of post-training support, you will be given access to our Monthly CTT Practitioner Graduate Community calls (recorded for your convenience and future reference). These calls are integral to your continued development. We invite guest speakers, share new content, share wins, collaborate and support each other using the Cultural Transformation Tools.

Academic Non-Credit CEUs: This course offers 3.5 Continuing Education Units based on 35 hours of faculty-led content. 

Target Audience:  Coaches, Skilled Facilitators, Consultants & OD practitioners, Educators, Professionals who want to support learning and development in organizations and their community. 

Kathleen SeelyOur Partners & Senior Faculty:  
This course will be offered in partnership with Massively Human Leadership™ facilitated by the Founder/CEO and Senior Faculty, Kathleen Seeley.
In this 4-day integrated Cultural Transformation Tools program, Kathleen Seeley, a longstanding international expert, business consultant, facilitator of change and coach on personal leadership, will guide you through the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model that will help your clientele, business, or corporation build sustainable values-driven organizations.

Date: June 5-8, 2018
Tuition: $4,995
Tuition Includes:

  • PDF of Get Connected by Tor Eneroth.
  • CTT Practitioner Workbook.
  • Massively Human Leadership™ Journal.
  • All Barrett Values Centre PowerPoints and training materials.
  • Access to 100's of case studies, additional resources, and industry specific information.
  • Individual Values Assessment (IVA) - $40 value.
  • Three (3) 60-90-minute Group Calls on a bi-weekly basis following the live training.
  • Calls are recorded for your convenience.
  • Given access to our Monthly CTT graduate large group calls for even further support from the community.
  • Invited to the Private CTT Facebook Community.
  • Listed on Barrett Values Center Website as a Certified CTT Practitioner.
  • Coffee, Lunch and afternoon refreshments.

Choice of:​ 

Venue: GWU Alexandria Graduate Center, 413 John Carlyle Street, Suite 250 Alexandria, VA 22314 (5 min walk from Blue/Yellow Line and 15 min driving from the Reagan National Airport) 

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