CSW64 Parallel Event: Pathways to Global Flourishing

Impactful Practices in Developing Women’s Leadership and Resilience

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action has been the guiding platform activating women’s development towards peace and security in the world. Education and training has been identified as one of the areas of action, which weaved with many of the other critical priorities builds a strong foundation for women and society worldwide. In this vein, through the years of our experience working with women groups all over the world, we realize that a new narrative for humanity is needed. This panel would invite participants in a practical experience-sharing to explore proven methods and global best practices in building women’s leadership and resilience. It will also offer an invitation to co-create a space where we would facilitate a conversation on a collective intention and action.

Participants of the workshop will also learn more about GW CEPL's exclusive Executive Women’s Leadership Program, which runs from April 15-17, 2020.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Generate awareness around practical best practices with the intention of replicability and/or expansion on what is already working
  2. Develop a safe space to generate a co-creative dialogue where new ideas are shared
  3. Capitalize on the question " What does next level humanity look like for women" and commit to a collective action.


LESLIE GROSSMAN, Faculty Director, Executive Women's Leadership Program, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, The George Washington University; Executive Leadership Coach & Author


  1. INA GJIKONDI, Director, Executive Education & Leadership Coaching Services, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, The George Washington University
  2. SHIRLEY GRAHAM, Associate Professor of Practice in Gender & Security, Elliott School of International Affairs, GWU
  3. JOSUÉ ARGÜELLES, Coordinator of Community Engagement for A CALL TO MEN‘s organizing efforts in New York City; Facilitator of the Healthy Manhood and Masculinity Collaborative of NYC
  4. KATHARINE MANNING, President and Founder of Blackbird DC