Accelerated Executive Leadership Development Program (AELDP)

The Accelerated Executive Leadership Development Program is designed for executives and senior leaders from all sectors including public, corporate and non-profit who wish to dramatically accelerate their personal growth and impact as extraordinary professionals.  

This program is especially helpful for Senior Leaders/Executives who:

  • Are just starting a new role or want to move up in the organization 
  • Have difficult problems to solve
  • Want to make a step-change in their personal development

Participants will experience significant results in our customized program without attending time-consuming, multi-week residential training sessions or taking years to work on advanced degrees that do not specifically optimize leadership effectiveness with the targeted insights and development plans we offer. 


Our accelerated program incorporates the highly effective combination of individualized leadership coaching, targeted data based feedback processes, and facilitated peer-learning experiences to maximize learning and development.

During the six-month engagement leaders do the following:

  1. Take an in-depth 360 degree leadership assessment and receive individual coaching to interpret the results and craft an individualized leadership development plan which includes both personal and professional goals;
  2. Participate in a 2.5 day intensive development immersion experience with peers;
  3. Receive one-on-one coaching focusing on developmental goals, sustaining implementation of their development plans, overcoming personal and professional obstacles, and practicing new mindsets, approaches, and skills;
  4. Participate monthly in facilitated virtual peer learning teams throughout the program that enable participants to receive valuable insights, assistance, and support from highly experienced peers.  

Our expert facilitators bring a diverse, holistic and experiential approach that ensures an engaging, educational and developmental experience for every participant.

Target Audience: Senior executives in public, private & nonprofit sectors
Date: June 21-23, 2017
Cost: $8,700
Ina Gjikondi-Cecchetto 
Director, Executive Education and Coaching Services
Phone: 202-994-5313