Margaret (Maggi) Cary

Dr. Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH

Executive Coach

Maggi is a doctor’s doctor with a physician’s mind and a friend’s heart. As an executive coach she blends a scientist’s thinking with a country physician’s empathy. She is a constant learner and a serial focuser with a lifelong passion for sharing what she’s learned.

Dr. Cary is a senior executive, physician, educator and executive coach who combines broad management and patient care experience. She has held executive positions in patient care organizations, a medical device start‐up, a healthcare communications company and the Federal government, and served on the Colorado Medical Board. She combines her understanding of the critical importance of effective communication, emotional intelligence and adult development in employee engagement and productivity with practical knowledge of how organizations work. She is a PCC‐credentialed graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. She envisioned created and led the Community of Champions, the national physician leadership development initiative for the Veterans Health Administration. Dr. Cary holds faculty positions at Georgetown University School of Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Colorado Denver Business School, where she is on the Executive Advisory Board for the Center for Health Administration. She co‐authored Telemedicine and Telehealth: Principles, Policies, Performance and Pitfalls, a seminal text in telehealth and telemedicine.

As an executive coach for healthcare executives, Dr. Cary’s clients value her honesty, insight, evidence‐based approach, understanding of healthcare’s challenges and ability to help them understand their strengths and how to use them in increasing their management and leadership effectiveness.

Select Client Results

  • Completed organizational assessment and managed strategic planning retreats and executive coaching for executive leadership of a large research and consulting institute, leading to an effectively functioning senior leadership team with improved communication.
  • Completed organizational assessment and coached physician CEO in a professional association.
  • Coached specialist surgeon after unacceptable staff evaluations, improving his post‐coaching 360 assessments and creating a culture of collaboration and civility.
  • Conducted a medical executive staff retreat to teach leadership skills, including social awareness and relationship management, to improve working relations among C‐suite executives and physicians and create a culture of respect.
  • Coached physician executive vice president moving into senior vice president position, improving his executive presence and ability to effectively manage his commitments.
  • Coached acting chair of university‐affiliated specialty group to partner with nurse executive and promote diversity in his management team, leading to his being promoted to department chair and creating a culture of respect and collaboration.

“I appreciate Maggi asking facilitative/teachable moment questions, helping to unpack and dig deeper into my beliefs.” – Workshop attendee, Virginia; “You are a good listener and I like very much how you rephrase or summarize what’s been said for clarity. You ask good questions that result in insight and clearer courses of action. – Chief Medical Information Officer, West Coast; “Excellent listener. Knows when to push back against my innate level of discomfort.”  - Chair, academic medical department, Maryland